Project Developed via Questtonó Manyone
A well-established brand in its own territory is extremely valuable for a company. But when it comes time to expand and reach new markets, it is important that this brand maintains its essence and at the same time knows how to adapt to the new context – even more so when it comes to another country.
we worked with Ambev to expand the range of beverages in the company's portfolio in brazil, bringing a well-known beer brand in argentina to the domestic market: andes.
the strategic challenge consisted of finding a creative territory to adapt the brand to the brazilian context, based on a narrative that could translate the history of foreign beer and at the same time connect it to the new country.
to do this, we connect customer learning to quest, our agile innovation process that helps companies make insights tangible through prototyping and validation. we conducted a design sprint session with strategists, graphic designers and copywriters to develop the brand's positioning in brazil, with verbal language and visual identity.
then, we introduced ignition, our way of transforming concepts into real businesses, which followed from the strategy to the technical details, with the application of key brand messages in graphic pieces that defined the brand's implementation.
questtonó's head of visual design and one of those responsible for the project, thiago marques, details the characteristics of the beer's new visual identity:

“we created from the argentine original. we've modified the branding to make andean hills stand out more. We kept the colors, the “a” as the focal point and associated this icon with an illustration of the andes”.
the final delivery consisted of a relevant brand that maintains its origins, but brings a new set of verbal and visual expressions that make it closer to the brazilian public. in addition, the brand gained elasticity and a rich creative universe to be used in all its contact points.

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