jota hamburgers
Project developed via QuesttoNó MANYONE
jota is a new business from the creators of the already established restaurant z-deli, in Brazil. born from the desire to bring back the simplicity and joy of a classic hamburger joint, we designed a brand identity and brand touchpoints to deliver a high-quality and playful eating experience.
a positive experience at a hamburger restaurant can be marked by several touchpoints in the customer's journey, and undoubtedly the most important of all is the quality of the snack
now, when a hamburger joint manages to combine a good snack with a powerful brand, capable of communicating clearly, it becomes much more attractive and profitable. A well-defined brand identity, including the architectural construction of the place, allows it to be easily replicated and ensures the expansion capacity and scalability of the business.
it was with this strategic vision in mind that we worked to create the brand for the newest hamburger restaurant in são paulo, jota.
the new business arose from the passion for the american-style hamburger, that of traditional roadside diners, which is practical, accessible and extremely tasty. a traditional snack without being gourmet, with a focus on quality and made with classic and well-established ingredients.
the work involved creating the brand and visual identity. for this, we applied ignition, questtonó's proprietary methodology in which we transform concepts into real businesses.
the process involved a sprint session with questtonó's visual design team. In addition, we built an architecture moodboard so that the client could visualize the application of creative concepts in the restaurant unit.
the result was the construction of a brand that stands out for its movement and originality, and whose purpose is to present the pleasure of simplicity.
in addition to the predominantly green color, another highlight is the stickers for identifying the snacks. while many restaurants identify their products with a pen, jota has stickers to mark the type of snack, and each one has a proprietary shape that facilitates identification.
the chain's first restaurant opened at shopping cidade são paulo in february 2021.

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