mismi foods
project developed via questtonó manyone
a food company that brings quality natural products from south america to the american market. this is the purpose of mismi, a new food products company that develops a portfolio of brands in this segment in the united states.
the value of the snack for the united states
the snack is an extremely common food in the american routine, synonymous with everything that fits in the bag and is consumed outside of traditional meals.
in 2021 alone, the us snack market was valued at us$ 110 billion, while food sales in online marketplaces more than doubled (from 5.4% to 12.5%).
snacks are often used to replace meals on a daily basis and, from the moment this happens, there is a strong tendency to look for healthier products. more specifically, products with an identified value chain, organic and considered clean label (with a maximum of 6 ingredients that are easily recognizable).
it was in this scenario that 4 companies with experience both in the united states and in latin america came together to bring positive references to food in the form of snacks: questtonó manyone, zerum ingredients, besingular and iec partners.
process: design and business strategy leverage initiative
on our side, we bring to the new business our entire systemic and hybrid approach between design and strategy, which thinks through the process from end to end and especially in the creation of new companies.
in addition, our consumer-focused design vision required us to take a deep look at which products would be able to meet a real demand in the american market.
to put the ideas into practice, we soon started prototyping, which involved the search for ready-made products with the potential to be well received in the us. with one detail: from an early age, we already knew that they should be foods with a purpose, that they have a clear origin and few ingredients. this helped define the strategy and also helped our visual design team to move forward with branding and build brand attributes.
agility has always been an essential issue for business development. the process of identifying these products, organizing the logistics part and designing the company in the united states was not an easy task, but we relied on several partners during this journey, such as verum ingredients (to establish and validate the supply chain) and iec partners in formalizing the business.
also, it was essential to test and understand how the products resonated in the market. in this sense, online commerce has emerged as a strategic option, as it allows for fast delivery and the collection of consumer feedback. the company's first product was offered for sale on amazon (with support from besingular) and the process helped to assess the uptake of the product.
mismi foods: south american products arrive in the us
this is how mismi foods was born, a company that established itself as a brand house with the purpose of offering products from south america to the united states.
now, mismi faces a new phase, of scaling the concept through new products and brands with a focus on online sales, but also with plans to be in american retail.
“The idea is that this group creates products with a clear purpose and relevant brands according to what people want, bringing a positive impact and a bit of our culture to the USA”. – levi girardi, ceo of questtonó manyone.
“We, as a group of Brazilian entrepreneurs in the United States and with everything we know about the origins of these products in South America, could not fail to share this here. There is a real, cultural and historical link with what we are promoting”. – Ricardo Dias, founder of Verum Ingredients.

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