esmera de goiás
the richness of the cerrado is abundant, and the prosperity of goiás is directly linked to the power of its agriculture. in yet another creative challenge, we used these two characteristics as the guiding principle for the design of esmera de goiás.
based on a strategic framework, we co-created with ambev another brand from the roots project, an initiative that aims to create new products based on the local production chain and typical elements of each region.
esmera de goiás is the fifth brand of ambev's roots project. and the result is a light and tasty beer, whose main ingredient is cassava. one year after the start of the project, the initiative has already had an economic impact on more than 6,000 people, including producers, harvesters and families.
in addition to valuing local agriculture, another strength of the brand is to exalt the pride of being and belonging to the cerrado. the symbol of the waterfall, revisited in the visual identity, evokes the abundance and richness that permeates the imagination of the people of goiás.
the construction of this concept was based on a strategic research carried out locally. the objective of the research was to see the culture of the cerrado beyond its stereotypes. we therefore exalt lightness and simplicity as non-negotiable values for this people.
after the research stage, we made the first prototypes. through our proprietary agile methodologies, whats up? and quest, it was possible to develop a diagnosis of esmera's purpose: an invitation to value a land with deep roots. in other words, esmera de goiás is born to offer the abundance that blossoms from the soil of the cerrado.

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